A Key Ingredient For New Beginnings

Matthew looks in the mirror and decides enough is enough.  It is time for a new beginning.  He is going to get healthy starting right now.  He walks into the room and removes all the clothing and boxes that are on his treadmill.

Photo courtesy of Dollarphotoclub.com.


He then sits in his favorite chair as he puts on his shoes.  “Wow,” he thinks to himself, “I really love sitting in this chair however I need to get on that treadmill.”  In a moment of serendipitous genius Matthew has an idea.  Why should he not enjoy his chair and use the treadmill?

I never said Matthew was the brightest.  You can imagine what would happen if he puts his chair on the treadmill and then turns it on.  You are probably thinking he would be videoing this or saying the famous words “Hey ya’ll watch this!”  Yet he is doing something that you and I have done many times in our lives.  

If You Want Different Results Next Year, What Are You Willing to Change?

One of the biggest things that I did over this past year and a half was choosing to take action and “happen” to life instead of life “happening” to me.  I was tired of sitting on the sideline watching everything pass me by.  I decided it was time to make something happen.

Happy New Year - 2015

I had to do the hard work of asking lots of questions.  I had to ask myself the “what if” questions that really sting.  You see, in order to make things happen you have to understand not only where you are, you have to understand who you are.  There is some tough work to do however, it will be worth it and so very much more.

I have an incredible opportunity coming this Friday to help you!  Keep watching, you do not want to miss this!!!

What are you willing to change in what you are doing now to make something greater happen?  

We talked about setting goals on Monday.  Sure it seemed pretty basic and you may have already known the simple how to.  The how to is easy, it is the doing it that is hard.  By setting goals you are stretching yourself.